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    There are thousands of immigrants who call Morgan County home. We are all neighbors, co-workers, friends and family. OMC's work is aimed at helping to make the transitions associated with immigration more efficient so that each of us in our many roles, whether we are immigrants or receiving community members, have an increased chance of reaching our highest potential for the betterment of ourselves and for our community.

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  • OMC is not involved in refugee resettlement and has no authority to make decisions about refugees relocating to Morgan County.

    OneMorgan County does network with refugee resettlement agencies to communicate our community’s needs and bring additional resources to the area to address the challenges of secondary migration.

  • OMC does not advocate for the undermining of immigration law.

    OneMorgan County is recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Justice Board of Immigration Appeals to provide accurate information regarding immigration law and regulations so that citizens, immigrant aliens, non-immigrant aliens and undocumented aliens can make informed decisions.

  • OMC does not presume that there are easy solutions.

    OneMorgan County does strive to reduce some of the challenges faced by other community agencies, businesses and government entities so that those organizations can deliver their goods and services more efficiently.

  • OMC does not work with a predominant group.

    OneMorgan County does focus on immigrant integration for receiving community members, immigrants and refugees while prioritizing the presenting needs in consideration of OMC’s available resources.

  • OMC does not demand any one opinion toward immigration.

    OneMorgan County does mean to foster opportunities for relationship-building where they otherwise might not exist, might not be cultivated and might not be nurtured.

Making A Difference

A Visual of OneMorgan County

OneMorgan County Visually

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Language Access Information Packet

This informational folder about interpretation and translation services is meant to be a resource for you and to encourage your proactive planning as you strive to overcome language barriers. OneMorgan County (OMC) is able to present this information through the funding support of Colorado Refugee Services Program and United Way of Morgan County. View packet.

Morgan County: A Land of Immigrants

The Immigration Booklet Committee’s intent in creating this booklet is to learn about the immigrant groups who impacted Morgan County and to dispel some of the myths about these groups. Without their contributions to the culture and economics of the area, our history would be significantly different and less appealing than it is today. View booklet.

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Fort Morgan Times, June 11, 2014
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New director, Michaela Frank, for OneMorgan County

Fort Morgan Times
Apr 14, 2014

The OneMorgan County Board of Directors has chosen Michaela Frank as the new executive director for the organization. Her first job is to take a fresh look at OneMorgan County's mission and processes in order to find how it can best meet the needs of the community ...more...

At least $2,000 donated so far for alleged hate crime victims

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Mar 20, 2014

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No2Hate taking donations for vandalism victims

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